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Front end won’t display and error loading error page message

If you are using a gantry based template you may experience a white page on the front end. If error logging is set to maximum you will see an error message: Error loading error page. If you just see a white page please set Error Reporting to Maximum in your Joomla server configuration to make…

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404 and Error 0 No Multi lang override or default template found on new booking

During the booking process an email is sent to the user to validate their appointment. During the email process if PBBooking is unable to find either a default template or a multi language override this will fail with a 404 not found page. The error message will also contain an Error Code 0: No Multi…

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How do I translate PBBooking

Translating a component is a pretty common part of integrating it into your overall site. Like other Joomla components, PBBooking is translated using language files. Copy the language files from: /components/com_pbbooking/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_pbbooking.ini to /language/xx-XX/xx-XX.com_pbbooking.ini and administrator/components/com_pbbooking/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_pbbooking.ini to administrator/language/xx-XX/xx-XX.com_pbbooking.ini The xx-XX needs to be replaced with your country and language strings. Then just translate the new files…

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How can I find my PayPal API details?

The Payment Settings have been updated in PBBooking 3.0.0 to use the new Paypal API. This means that if you have been using the previous payment settings with IPN you will need to turn the IPN off, as the functions listening for IPN events no longer exist. To correctly setup Paypal you will require the…

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How to Enable Google Calendar Sync in PBBooking 3.0.0

The Google Calendar Sync in PBBooking 3.0.0 is a bit different to previous versions. Previous versions used live integration, while in 3.0.0 I have changed this to a scheduled task. There were two main reasons for this change: Users with a more than 3 or 4 calendars with a lot of events were being disconnected…

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PBBooking Always Displays “There is a problem with the booking. Maybe the time has already been booked or you specified an invalid email address.” Error

If you constantly receive this error message there are usually six possible causes.  On PBBooking versions > 3.0.0 the third point is usually the problem. The email address is not valid, or no email address has been specified in the custom fields. Ensure an email address is listed in the custom fields. Another user has since…

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How do I setup a cron job for reminders and surveys

For PBBooking to send testimonials and reminder emails you need to create a cron job. This can be easily done using cpanel. To set this up do the following. Step 1: Log in to your cpanel. Normally cpanel can be accessed using Your host may have configured a different address for cpanel so if…

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How do I change the currency symbol in PBBooking?

The currency symbol is changed in the language files. This will be located in your: path/to/joomla/components/com_pbbooking/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_pbbooking.ini the actual one line you are looking for is line 6. COM_PBBOOKING_CURRENCYSYMBOL Just change to whichever currency symbol you prefer! You may need to use the html entity encoding. In addition the currency symbol position can be specified from…

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What is the Google Client ID and Client Secret for PBBooking

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