Hi, & Thanks For Your Interest In Subscribing

Hi, I am the developer, support tech, and marketing person behind Hot Chilli Software and I'd really like to thank you for considering purchasing a subscription.

I really love writing plugins and extensions for small business websites that help your business better serve their customers. PBBooking has been around since 2012 / 2013 and started as a project for my wife's Naturopathic clinic.

In the last five years it has grown from strength to strength adding support for Google Calendar, payment gateways and SMS gateways. It's the support from people like you that have made this possible and I would really like to say thank you. Your subscribing is what helps to justify the time spent in development and support and keeps this product alive.

Eric Fernance.


AUD $ 60 Hot Chilli Software - 6 Month Subscription

Six month subscription to the Hot Chilli Software website. Includes access to support and all updates for 6 months.

AUD $ 90 Hot Chilli Software - 12 Month Subscription


Twelve month subscription to the Hot Chilli Software website. Includes access to support and all updates for 12 months.

Let's Get Into The Fine Print

What is the refund policy?

I have a 14 day money back guarantee on all purchases. All I ask is that you raise a support ticket and give me the opportunity to see if the product is configurable to suit your needs.  Sometimes a little bit of guidance is all that is needed.

Can I help with installation or customise the product for you?

Sure can.  Though bear in mind it won't be free.  Sorry folks.
If you want installation or customisation open a support ticket with some detailed requirements and I will send you a quote.

Does the subscription version do xxxxx?

Check out the feature comparison here.

How long does the subscription last?

Subscriptions are for either 6 months or 12 months. During that time you will have access to support and updates.
At the end of the subscription the software will keep working, however you will need to purchase another subscription for future updates.

Do I have to renew?

You don't have to renew.  Though I really hope you do! In version 3.x everything will continue working after your subscription has expired.
In version 4 (soon to be released) I will be implementing Google's push notifications for calendar events.  This will require a valid subscription as they are all routed by the hotchillisoftware.com server.

Testimonials From Other Users

I really like pbbooking, its simple for my clients to use and its really simple for me to setup and having full control over my online booking, with the google sync i can access my bookings from any device which is awesome.

Martin Nygren Osteopatkliniken

Sickamps has chosen PBBooking as its preferred booking appointment system for workshop repair appointments. From the Start Eric was willing to assist satisfying pre purchase questions and integration needs we required. PBBooking was the only software we could find for Joomla that provided us with full google calendar writing appointments and reading appointments. Using the system saves us at least 3 emails per engagement with clients and avoids issues where we mark on the diary when we’re out the office and it prevents bookings and disappointing the customer when nobody is there. Due to our unique operating the basic PBBooking was great but with some really helpful assistance from Eric we ended up with a truly amazing solution and is working faultlessly. We’re often getting comments about how easy our site is to navigate and book on.

Chris Buck - Sick Amps

I manage a holistic center in Dublin Ireland. I discovered PB booking 4 years ago when looking for a totally automated way to take bookings for our center and have been using it ever since. We have taken thousands of bookings through PB Booking . It runs flawlessly on our website . The support is brilliant. On the few occasions I have had to submit a support ticket Eric has gone out of his way to help solve the issue even when it was not a PB Booking issue

Tom Noctor - Angel's Love