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PBBooking Online Booking & Appointment Scheduling

When I couldn't find a suitable online booking solution for our massage clinic and natural health centre we built our own! Online Service Booking (previously known as Purple Beanie Online Booking) let's you book client treatments and services in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All without leaving your site.

Who Uses Online Service Booking?

Doctors & Naturopaths

Allow patients to book online any time of the day or night and reduce the volume of phone calls to receptioninsts.

Personal Trainers

Organise one on one sessions or group classes. Supports back end recurring appointments to make managing your diary easier.

Hair Dressers & Beauty Therapists

Let clients book every when you are busy treating someone else. Self service interface allows clients to reschedule appointments.

Trades People

Let prospective clients book even when you're out on a job site. Don't miss a booking just because you're crawling under the sink!

Schedule Meeting Rooms

Schedule, co-ordinate and allow booking of meeting rooms and other resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calendars can I have?

Create as many calendars as you need, there is no maximum. In some views asthetics may dictate how many can be displayed.

How many services can I have?

Add as many services as you like. In the free version services are linked to ALL calendars, in the subscriber version you choose.

Can I take pre-payments online?

The subscriber versionof Online Service Booking supports online payments for services through Paypal.

Can I sync to other devices?

The subscriber versionof Online Service Booking supports integration with Google Calendar. See your appointments on the web or on your favourite device.

Is there a version for my lanauge?

Check if there's a pre-made translation at the User Contributions page. Otherwise translate using the provided language files.

How do I manage appointments?

Appointments can be managed through the back end manage diaries interface. Front end access to manage appointments is available using the included module!

Can clients change their times?

The subscriber versionincludes a front end self service to allow a client to cancel their appointment if it is within your notice period.

Can I customise the views?

Absolutely. Full source code is included so you can modify the views and layouts to suit your requirements.

How Do I Get It?

Current Subscribers

The Online Service Booking Subscriber Version can be downloaded as part of your subscription. Log in to your account (use the login form at the top of the page) and go to the Downloads page here:

Visitors or Non-Subscribers

You can either download the free version or subscribe to access the subscriber edition.


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If you've still got questions you can either raise a support ticket at

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Please note: Online Service Booking is GPL in accordance with the JED terms and conditions. As the source code for this script is not encrypted or obfuscated in any way refunds or trials are not possible. Please make use of the following resources in determining suitability:

or email me to make certain this product meets your requirements.

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