Hi All,

I've said a couple of times I had hoped to have PBBooking v4 out by September 1st and clearly I've missed that date.  So here's an update on what is left to accomplish.

Firstly, during testing I found that updates for the new view (PBBooking v4 Preview: New Single Page View Video) had broken a lot of the functions used by the older views.  Initially I thought about just simply removing them but then realised this wouldn't be fair on existing users that had users comfortable with the old views.  So I made the decision to port them over to use a lot of the new controller functions for creating and saving appointments.  Both the existing single page and multi page views have been done and I am now working through the front end self service view.  This should be completed this week.

Once the views have been updated I want to recode the way the syncher works when adding events to the sync queue to send to google calendar.  Currently this is hard coded.  I want to break this out into a plugin so that synching can be extended to work with other calendaring services and platforms.  In the initial 4.0 release it will still only be google calendar as I don't want to delay this any further.  But in due course I intend to expand this to iCloud and Microsoft.

Finally an update server needs to be added to the package.  I have recently moved the site back to using Joomla and Akeeba Release System for distribution so this should be relatively straight forward.

Once again thank you everyone for your patience and I am putting as much of my free time to this as possible to get ti finished as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.



I’ve spoken a few times about working on modularising PBBooking as part of v4. One of the areas I have just completed working on modularising has been the validation methods.

As of v4 validation will move from a select box under the Validation Settings tab.

Just a quick update for everyone this week on development for the v4 release.

Firstly, the manage diaries and the front end management module have been merged together. The back end manage diaries function will now be provided by the old Front End Management module which has now been moved into the administrator section of the site.

For subscribers the Front End Management Module will still be available, it will now just be a wrapper around the administrator module.

This means that ALL diary management functions will now be available through both front end and back end. The module will function identically on both sections of the site allowing you to create, delete, and update events through either back or front end. This includes creating recurring events; this was previously only available through the back end.

Consolidating the code between the front and back end diary management now means I can write dairy management features once and have them available whether you prefer to use the back end OR front end.

The first small, but significant, improvement is a proper bootstrap popover on events in the diary.

I’ve shared a screenshot of the concept of the new single page view previously, but now I can show a video walkthrough of how it will work on the front end.

All functionality of this view has been implemented and it’s now just a matter of styling.  You can check it out below.

This demo show’s multiple calendars and multiple services.  When only 1 calendar or 1 service is offered the fields will be auto selected the client needs to only choose when they are available from.

The time slots can be styled with either CSS, layout overrides or a colour picker when creating the menu item itself.

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the July update from Hot Chilli Software.

I’ve been steadily working away on development of PBBooking version 4 and I’m pleased to say development is coming along nicely. At this stage I am hoping to have an early release out for new users late July or early August with a 4.1 shortly after that.  The 4.1 release will include migration scripts from PBBooking version 3.

The biggest changes implemented to date include:

The new ajax based, modern, view (you can check a bit more out about it here: Hot Chilli Software: June Update)

Improvements to the way cron jobs are handled to automajically add your cron jobs to a linked EasyCron account. (read more about it here:Streamlining the Cron Setup in v4)

Decoupling the recurring events logic into a plugin and creating a modular way of adding plugins to enhance the functionality. (check our more here: PBBooking v4 Development Update – Modularising Recurring Appointments)

If you build sites for clients you’ll really like point 3.  The goal of decoupling a lot of the non-core logic is to make it easier to add client specific functions and change workflows without having to hack PBBooking files that are overwritten on updates.