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Modularising Validation Workflows

By Eric Fernance | August 7, 2017

I’ve spoken a few times about working on modularising PBBooking as part of v4. One of the areas I have just completed working on modularising has been the validation methods. As of v4 validation will move from a select box under the Validation Settings tab. Instead this will be replaced with separate validation plugins available…

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PBBooking v4 Preview: New Single Page View Video

By Eric Fernance | August 7, 2017

I’ve shared a screenshot of the concept of the new single page view previously, but now I can show a video walkthrough of how it will work on the front end. All functionality of this view has been implemented and it’s now just a matter of styling.  You can check it out below. This demo…

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Hot Chilli Software: Development Update 14th July

By Eric Fernance | July 14, 2017

Just a quick update for everyone this week on development for the v4 release. Firstly, the manage diaries and the front end management module have been merged together. The back end manage diaries function will now be provided by the old Front End Management module which has now been moved into the administrator section of…

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Development July Update

By Eric Fernance | July 4, 2017

Hi Folks, Welcome to the July update from Hot Chilli Software. I’ve been steadily working away on development of PBBooking version 4 and I’m pleased to say development is coming along nicely. At this stage I am hoping to have an early release out for new users late July or early August with a 4.1…

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PBBooking v4 Development Update – Modularising Recurring Appointments

By Eric Fernance | June 21, 2017

One of my main goals with the v4 release of PBBooking was to make all non-core functionality modular. Rather than being tightly coupled to the core code I wanted to take advantage of Joomla modules and plugins for additional booking functionality. This would allow users to: turn on / off additional functionality through the plugin…

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Streamlining the Cron Setup in v4

By Eric Fernance | June 7, 2017

There are two cron jobs used in PBBooking.  The first to sync to google calendar and the second to send scheduled reminders and testimonials. The results of a recent survey of PBBooking users revealed something that I had sort of already suspected from my ticketing system — configuring cron jobs was a pain in the…

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Hot Chilli Software: June Update

By Eric Fernance | June 2, 2017

Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to all those people who completed my short survey.  I discovered a lot during this process.  Some things I already knew, some things I didn’t, but most are in current development for the v4 release. Three things that came out clearly were that: Firstly, The front…

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